Medical Team

Dr. med. Toofan Datfar


Dr. med. Toofan Datfar, a specialist in surgery, is an experienced expert in the field of aesthetic procedures. After studying medicine at the University of Graz, Austria, he deepened his knowledge in Canada and Australia. In Switzerland he further specialized in aesthetic treatments. Especially in so-called “soft treatments”, such as treatments with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid and much more. Dr. Datfar combines expertise and passion to enhance natural beauty using minimally invasive methods. His goal is to increase the self-confidence and well-being of his customers through subtle procedures.


Ploon Hellendoorn

Expert for Skin Treatments and Medical Laser Assistant

Ploon Hellendoorn comes from the Netherlands, where she successfully completed a Bachelor of Science in skin therapy. She has also trained as a medical laser assistant. For Ploon, the most important thing is that you are not only satisfied with the treatment results, but that you also feel really comfortable in your skin. She does everything she can to ensure that her customers are in good hands in a relaxed atmosphere.


Dr. med. Christian Köhler

MBA, Diploma in Health Economics, Head Doctor, Certified Reviewer and CEO

Dr. med. Christian Köhler has completed many years of operational training and has experience in general surgery, vascular surgery, and plastic and reconstructive surgery. Alone in the reconstructive surgery he has allocated a lot of experience in the specialist areas of hand surgery, burn surgery, reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Furthermore he specialised very early on the application of medical lasers and minimally invasive techniques in aesthetic surgery by attending numerous workshops and hands-on trainings with renowned plastic surgeons worldwide. His personal mentor and trainer is Dr. Ernesto DiGeronimo from Miama/USA with over 30 years experience.

As a member of the Executive Board at the Swiss Anti-Aging Society, he extended his expertise in this wide-ranging area at an early stage. This reflects the two-year training course at the American Society for Anti-Aging in cooperation with the University of Charleroi, Belgium, which had already begun in 2003. He graduated from this program with a European Master Diploma. Simultaneously Dr. Köhler was trained to become a health economist and Master of Business Administration for Public Health.Professionalism depends on continued further training and networking. As part of his university activities Dr. Köhler has given several lectures at national and international congresses and has written numerous publications.

In Switzerland, he is considered a pioneer in the application of the endoluminal laser therapy and the usage of the Smartlipo or Cellulase technique, in Europe for the pigment treatment with ReCell and also at the Picosure tattoo removal. He also is worldwide known for the breast lift with Threads.


Petra Müller

Petra Müller was already part of the prevention-center team from 2011 to 2013 as a medical practice assistant. She then studied business administration and managed various medical institutions before returning to prevention-center in 2019. Since then, she has managed the Zurich and Zug locations as a practice manager and, since 2023, has been primarily responsible for the company's overarching goals in her new role as COO.

Tamara Nessler


Tamara Nessler has a sound background in business administration and broad knowledge in the area of ​​business development. With her extensive experience in various service industries, she brings unique perspectives and innovative solutions to our team. It ensures smooth, customer-oriented processes and the further development of the company.


Sina Klingler


Sina Klingler is a qualified nurse and pharmaceutical assistant. In her professional career, she has already gained experience in various medical fields, which is why she has a lot of medical expertise.

Laura Seeländer


Laura Seeländer completed her education in the service industry. In a renowned Dusseldorf hospital she got to know the daily routine of plastic surgery. Customer satisfaction is Laura's top priority. As the first point of contact, she is responsible for your wishes and concerns and she will be happy to provide detailed information and arrange your next appointment. In addition she supports the management in various business areas.

Giulia Loprete


Giulia Loprete is a trained medical practice assistant. She has a broad medical knowledge and has completed further training in wound healing and wound dressings. She supports the medical team during consultations and follow-up examinations. With her responsible manner, Giulia ensures that the planning of the operation runs smoothly and her empathy ensures your well-being. She will be happy to answer any questions or clarifications you may have!

Liana Solèr


Liana Solèr is a chemist and has completed further training as a medical secretary. She supports the team in scheduling, customer care and follow-up checks. She is also responsible for the entire material management. With her empathic nature, she is always open to your questions or uncertainties.

Mirjam Zender


Mirjam Zender is a qualified cosmetician and has completed further training as a medical secretary. This has enabled her to gain experience in the field of plastic surgery. Mirjam is responsible for the smooth running of our practice in Zug and also supports the office team in Zurich. Her cordial manner will make you feel well taken care of.


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